Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's In My Bag

I've been asked to share what is in my bag and it is rather fortuitous that I just happened to clean out my kitchen sink of a bag on Monday.  Otherwise, I might have been more than a little embarrassed.

What stands out the most is just how many little bags I have within a bag.  When you carry around a large purse, nothing is worse than digging for something when you need it quick, fast and in a hurry.  I've got a makeup bag, a toiletries bag to conceal my lady business, a pencil case that holds mints, my inhaler and a rollerball perfume and my kitty cat coin purse.

I also have a glass Aquasana water bottle.  I've got the typical habit of not drinking water all day and this little bottle keeps me hydrated.  It also occasionally holds my juiced veggies for the day and the glass is nice because it doesn't stain and it's really easy to clean.  I bought six of these puppies when I first saw them on a blog.   Sadly, I am now down to two because, welp, it's glass and sometimes it breaks (or gets left behind at Barnes and Noble even though they promise to hold it under the counter for you..grrr)

There is my wallet, sunglasses, and keys with the cutest love keychain that makes me smile...it's the little things people.  I've got two notebooks, one with stripes and one with polka dots, because well, polka dots and stripes ya know.

I also spy an EmergenC Immunity packet in there, because I have the immune system of a toddler and I get sick at least twelve times a year.  The best lotion hands down, Kiehl's Hand Cream - it even works great for those ashy ankles that magically show up an hour after you've oiled yourself down in the morning, (black folk know what I am talking about).

Last but certainly not least is my iPhone (not pictured for picture taking purposes), ear buds and charger.  The past few months, my phone rapidly loses battery after like an hour of use..my husband says its Instagram, but I say it is just an aging phone.  While I was shopping for my husband's Christmas gift I discovered the Mophie battery case.  I can't quite decide if I want to get a new phone or stick this one out for another couple of years and go with the case for my 4s...birthday present...anniv gift...we shall see.
Thanks for tagging me Don't Forget the Gloss!
Brandi Alexander
p.s. Love that it has been nearly two years since my last post.  No big secret what my "resolutions" are each year.