Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year and Some Change

Wow! We are already more than halfway through the first month of the New Year.  In the beginning of the year, I find myself trying unexpected outfits just to shake up the creative rut I fall into after the busy holiday season.  This outfit felt so fun and sexsay yet pulled together enough to wear to work when I threw a blazer over the sheer black shirt.  It really did, I promise.  I can’t tell you how long I searched for the perfect polka dot tights!!

H&M skirt and Express Tights

I have never really been one for resolutions because… let’s just face it, who wants to feel like a failure each and every year.  I prefer to consider each year as an opportunity to discover new things about myself and to continue to improve upon the things I already know.  Believe it or not folks, I don’t consider myself to be perfect (you know who I am talking to ;0). 

Here is to the journey 2012 has to offer!  Okay I know it is January 20th but go with me here!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Right before the holiday season my guy planned a little weekend getaway to a coastal town that I have been wanting to visit for some time, Half Moon Bay.  I packed a few different clothing options, not knowing what to really expect with the weather, arrived early to Oakland and we hopped on a Cessna, ready to have a mini adventure. 

Zara top, Express Zelda Jean Leggings, H&M handbag, Prada sunglasses

We spent the afternoon walking around, hanging on the beach, exploring this little neighborhood called El Granada and enjoying the local cafe.  Turns out I packed just the right outfit choices, comfortable shoes and flirty tops and dresses.  I loved the intricate details on this top so much, I bought another in white!

That night he took me to one of the most exquisite restaurants in the city called Cafe Gibraltar.  What a lucky girl I am!